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Call for papers

VNNIC is currently looking for speakers on technical and technological presentations for the VNNIC Internet Conference 2024 conference.

1. Register to present your paper

The main topic of the VNNIC Internet Conference 2024 event: "Secure and sustainable Internet infrastructure in the development of emerging technologies"

  • Orienting the community of experts on the application of new solutions and technologies in Internet infrastructure management and development; 
  • Developing a "bigger, faster, safer, flatter" Internet".
  • Applying technology in evaluating, monitoring, measuring and exploiting Internet data to serve the construction of digital infrastructure and national digital transformation

Each speaker has 30 minutes to present (including 25 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes of discussion). The presentation focuses on technical and technological issues of interest to the community, including:

- Internet infrastructure and emerging technologies

  • The art of localizing Internet traffic
  • Boosting local traffic with multi-core fiber technology
  • Internet infrastructure in 6G era
  • DNS Evolution for 5G and Next Generation Network Technologies
  • Internet infrastructure security risks and solutions

- IPv6 for Industrial Internet, 5G and IoT
- SDN/NFV for Cloud Edge
- Best practice – Data Governance in Building Internet trust

Registration timeline:

Open for registration: 09/4/2024
Close for registration: 15/5/2024
Selected speakers announcement 27/5/2024

2. Contacts

Registration and questions should be sent to VNNIC


Phone: (+84)932591993